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Chocolate, Part 1

Title: Chocolate, Part 1
Author: charlotteschaos for propercourting
Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1000
Disclaimer: Characters belong to JK Rowling. Situations belong to the author.
Warnings: AU sixth year, Cliffhanger
Summary: Finally, Harry and Draco are in the same room at the same time.
Notes: Harry/Draco; No beta, as always. Written for the continuing series propercourting which takes place in 7th Year Hogwarts with Harry formally courting Draco.

The time was near.

He wished he'd had more notice than he had. He didn't know what he'd've done with more time-- probably just wished that the night would come sooner. As it was, he'd brushed his teeth three times, tried making his hair behave with what Seamus called "product" several times and had changed his uniform twice.

Neville carefully packed the Ashwinder eggs and chocolate in a hamper, while reassuring Harry that he looked good and that he'd do all right. This was the night he'd been waiting for. That Draco had said that he would possibly poison his whole house added an air of desperation, which Harry hoped worked in his favor.

He mussed his hair, deciding that looked best, as Ron threw his Invisibility Cloak at him.

"Oof!" Harry exclaimed when it hit him.

"You'll need that if you're going to meet your dream boy without getting caught," said Ron.

Harry managed to catch the cloak before it dropped and grinned at Ron, taking the effort for approval. "Thanks, Ron."

"You were mumbling about him again last night in your sleep."

"I--" Harry didn't know what to say to Ron about his dreams. He didn't want to talk about them. He shrugged and tried to smile. "I should go."

"Good luck, mate," said Ron. He slapped Harry's back in that overly masculine way boys do.

"Yeah, good luck, Harry!" Neville said.

"Put it in him!" said Seamus, gesturing lewdly with his fist.

"Bye," said Dean absently. He stared at Seamus in horror.

"Thanks guys," said Harry. "For everything. Really."

Harry waved with a little confusion and pulled on his cloak. Filled with hope, he was on his way.


"What are these oh... the eggs," said Draco. He'd ferreted the rich chocolate out of the hamper and now sat before it, head tilted as he looked at the remaining contents. They were seated on a rich Persian carpet before the crackling fire. The light made Draco's pale face glow golden.

The Room of Requirement was decked out in manner in which Harry imagined Malfoy Manor would be. It was dark, like the Slytherin common room, and there were loads of shining brass and gold knickknacks.

The way that Draco was looking at the basket made Harry paranoid. "Are they the wrong size?"

He could've kicked himself for the lame question.

Fortunately, Draco was distracted enough not to mock him. "I don't think so, the potions book didn't say. Frozen, right?"

Harry nodded. "Yes."

Draco stared at them a moment longer and then turned his attention back to Harry. "Right. Well. That wasn't why I asked you here."

"But you said you'd..." Harry wondered if this meant that he wasn't going to see the chocolate eating tonight. He clung to the hope that it meant something better was going to happen. "So why did you ask me here?"

Draco looked down at the chocolate and then at the hamper, carefully keeping his attention away from Harry. "It's that... Sprout as your chaperone is... erm... Snape's rather... ticked."

The sputtering was adorable, but the fact that what he'd done had bothered Snape was almost better. Smiling now would be a bad idea, so Harry pressed his lips together to reduce the temptation. "He doesn't like Professor Sprout?"

Harry put his hand on Draco's. Draco started at the gesture, but allowed it. "Her note to him was vulgar," said Draco, his voice husky as he stared at their piled hands.

"Was it?" asked Harry. He could care less about Sprout or Snape now that he was touching Draco. He traced circles on the back of Draco's hand, smiling at Draco's shiver of pleasure and the way the blond hairs on his arm rose at each caress.

"Oh." Draco's eyes fluttered shut, his breath came out unsteadily through lavish, wet lips. "But it-- it was vulgar. Rather. And there's... a date. At Madam Puddifoot's."

Walking his fingers up Draco's arm, Harry scooted closer, feeling the warmth of stuttering breath on his cheek. This was way better than watching Draco eat chocolate. "A date?" Harry caressed the crook of Draco's arm, stroking it just hard enough not to tickle, but still lightly enough that it would feel good. At least, he hoped it would. "Just us?"

"On Hogsmeade weekend. In front of the school," said Draco. When he opened his eyes, realized how close Harry was. Draco's eyes widened and he swallowed hard, but didn't retreat.

"I started courting you in front of the school. Are you embarrassed by me?" Harry leaned in closer and brushed his lips against Draco's bottom lip, amazed by its feather-lightness and warmth. His heart fluttered madly, his stomach tightened and he thought he might pass out.

It was over too soon.

"I don't know." Draco froze, then turned his head away. "This is inappropriate."

Harry knew it wasn't proper. He shouldn't be this close to Draco, but then, they shouldn't be meeting outside of their arranged dates, either. He couldn't bring himself to pull away and end the moment. Instead, he grabbed one of the bars of chocolate, freeing it from the gold packaging. The chocolate was so rich, that between the warmth of his fingers and the heat of the fire, it started to melt.

Breaking off a piece, he slid the corner under the dip of Draco's upper lip till he tilted his head up and sucked the sweet into his mouth, making sultry noises of ecstasy at the taste.

Draco was practically purring as Harry fed him. He opened his eyes to gaze at Harry while he slowly sucked his fingers clean, tongue flicking over Harry's index finger and thumb.

"Oh. My." Harry was very aroused and sure that this really wasn't proper. It took every ounce of self-control to pull his hand from Draco's mouth. He needed to get down to business before he flung himself at Draco and snogged him senseless. "So... Why did you want me to come here?"
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